You might just want to have a blast on the weekend, or have a decent ’try before you buy’.

Whatever your motivation, we can understand your desperation for wanting to plant your feet on the deck of a FiiK electric skateboard.

When you rent a Fiik board, you will get:

  • Basic training on how to use the board correctly
  • Safety gear for one
  • A wicked Fiik electric skateboard for 48 hours!

We have a range of Fiik boards ready to for fill your desires including:


big daddy






$90Lithium/$75Lead acid for 48Hours (Big Daddy)

Street Surfer






$90Lithium/$75Lead acid for 48Hours (Street Surfer)







$60 Lead acid for 48Hours (Division)

Pipe Master





$45 Lead acid  for 48Hours (Pipe Master)

Magic Carpet





$38 Lead acid  for 48Hours (Magic Carpet)






$38 Lead acid  for 48Hours (Grommet)


Extra Safety gear

$12 per set


Booking and Pickup


You must have a booking

Please book by email or phone

Boards are to be picked up at Sandford, Normally on a Friday between 5-7pm and returned on the following Sunday between 5-7pm. We are about 25mins from Hobart CBD. There are some top spots down our way to tackle before you go home..

When we can, we’ll create a temporary drop off point at the Hobart Cenotaph. Between 5.30-6.00pm.

The boards are not available when the weather will be wet.


The boards…

The boards come with a wireless handheld remote that controls acceleration and braking.

The boards must not be used in wet conditions. Water can interfere with the electronics and damage them. Wet conditions are not much fun anyway.

The boards work best on a smooth level surface, they will go up shallow inclines, but forget going up steep hills.

The boards have an electric brake and will go down steep hills quite slowly.

The ‘Big daddy” and ‘Street Surfer’ will drive over just about any surface a regular car would. All the other boards require nice smooth tarmac.


Charging and run time

Boards are supplied fully charged.

Boards are supplied with an A/C battery re charger.

Charging takes about 3-4 hours.

Expect about 4-6 good runs within your 48 Hour period.

 Starting out

Choose your location carefully. Bike tracks, empty car parks and schools could be a good option…

Always wear a helmet.

We suggest wrist guards, or at least gloves, too.

Expect to fall off; don’t ride any faster than you can run.

Riding on the road is not a good idea; unless the road is super quiet (i.e. cul-de-sac) and you are extremely competent.

It’s best to start out by sitting on the board first; to get use to the accelerator and brake without falling off.

Please read our waiver form before committing to rental service.



Good Luck and Have Fun!