You have discovered Kitesurfing…

… The most important thing you could do now is have a discovery lesson.


With kiTe, suP, puFF And stUff you will unearth this sport with a Certified I.K.O. Instructor.

You will learn the important fundamental skills of kitesurfing. Skills that will help prevent accidents from occurring and preserve your gear from being damaged.

 In these lessons you will learn to understand:

  •        Key safety systems and procedures
  •        Wind directions and effect – choosing the
  •        appropriate location.
  •        Kite physics and flagging systems.
  •        Kites and lines – including terminology
  •        and functions
  •        Rigging
  •        Hand signals
  •        Launch zone, drop zone and kill zone
  •        Kite positions and controls
  •        Self launching and landing
  •        Piloting the kite
  •        Self rescue and full pack down
  •        Kite and board shapes – their affects
  •        Discovery lessons cost $210 per person
  •        Lessons are performed in pairs – or three’s
  •        we will pair you with someone of similar
  •       experience and ability.
  •       All lessons are somewhat tailored, to suit your
  •        individual needs and goals
  •        You won’t need a wetsuit – the lesson are done on
  •        land.

 A great deal of people leave this lesson with the skills  and confidence to teach themselves to kiteboard,  although,  a ‘Supervised Session’ ‘advanced lesson’ or two will speed things up  immensely.

 Lessons are based in the south of Tasmania, mostly at beaches on the Eastern Shore. All gear will be provided, but we do recommend that you bring your own sunscreen, hat and something to drink. Lessons last 3 to 4 hours, however, allow at least 4 to 5 hours plus your own drive time down.

What will i do after my lesson?

After your lesson you may want to take home a ‘react’ 2 meter trainer kite. These kites are the real deal, and come complete with bar, lines, pump and harness.                                                                                                                        

‘React’ trainer kites can be rented for a 4 week period after the lesson for $90 (normally $150) 

Use your kite in your own time and practice techniques from the lesson.

'React' trainer kite


If you know all of that stuff..?

 …you might want to consider an ‘Advanced Lesson’ or ‘Supervised Session’?

‘Advanced lessons’ may include:

  •        Upwind and downwind body dragging
  •        Self Launching
  •        Drift Launching
  •        Self Landing
  •        Water Starts
  •        Simple Transitions and More.
  •        Advanced lessons cost $210 per person.
  •        Lessons are usually done in pairs – we will pair you
  •         with someone of similar experience and ability.
  •        One on one lessons can be arranged and cost $280
  •        for 2 hours
  •        All lessons are somewhat tailored to suit your
  •        individual  needs and goals.

fiinished img ‘Supervised Session’

 These sessions include a group of 4-8 new recruits who have their own equipment, have completed the ‘discovery lesson’, and are keen to progress quickly, but only require mild guidance. ‘Supervised Sessions’ may include a refresher of a skill/s listed above, upon request, or if we feel necessary.

 These sessions allow you to practice on the skills relevant to you, at your level. Practice would normally include:

  •        Upwind and downwind body dragging
  •        Self Launching
  •        Self Landing
  •        Water Starts
  •        Simple Transitions and More.

 The Instructor in this situation would offer tips and instruction where necessary, and help launch and land kites, where he can.

 The cost of the ‘Supervised Session” is between $90-$120 (depending on punters) 

Bookings and Weather

If you’re Interested in a lesson or session, please give us a call so we can pencil you in.

We normally do lessons through the summer on the weekends. Due to our wonderful weather in Hobart, we wouldn’t commit to dates until a few days out.

 Kitesurfing is an epic adventure the whole way through..

Good luck with your journey..

 Bella & Pete